Kebaya KunKun

Kebaya Kunkun

Kebaya KunKun, Kebaya yellow with a yellow motif tile materials and the design of the neck left and right upright, to the bottom with embroidery taper model. "Kebaya Kunkun" is still a pattern and the price Rp.120.000,. To subordinate pair kebaya "songket yellow" price Rp.75.000,- (optional) when the inventory is still there.


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Kebaya MerhaHati P250910
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Kebaya MerhaHati P250910

Kebaya MerhaHati P250910; Modern Kebaya Long Red Heart with tulle material / tile sequins, and long kebaya to below knee, and the neck pretty shanghai. To make the bottom on the split / penguins. Kebaya in this statue has not been using depth/furing, and body sculpture of white bones / broken white. This cream kebaya Price Rp.175.000, -/pcs, kebaya dress that still form the pattern / alias is not in sewing, and sewing can be up to size XL. Kebaya, in embroidered with colored yarn korneli gold / gold, and in some parts of the contents with attractive colors.   For the glove-like motif lendang picture with the same material price Rp.125.000, -.

Kebaya Salem P110710
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Kebaya SalemP 110710

Kebaya Salem P110710, sequins / Motte plain tile with a beautiful salmon color and a sprinkling gliter, long model penguins / open on the bottom hemisphere. Price kebaya which still form the pattern is Rp.150.000, - not including furing and subordinates.To subordinate smoother songket was up.

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